Stove and Oven Repairs

Electric Stove Repair

Ranges are an essential aspect of any kitchen space. However, of course, we do not realize how important ranges are and how much we use them until they break down. When your stove range gives out, Appliance Care PSL is here to help you by offering free estimates for all of our work. Following the estimate, we will quickly service your range to get it back in the best shape possible!

Call us at Appliance Care PSL to learn how we can transform your stove with our professional range repair services and save you from investing in a brand new one. We will investigate the problem at hand and provide you with a detailed diagnosis. Appliance Care PSL is at your service!


Gas Stove Services

Issues with gas stoves are very urgent and should not be ignored. You must get these looked at right away because not only is the issue inconvenient, but it can be dangerous as well.

Appliance Repair PSL has a team of trained professionals to resolve all of your gas stove issues.

Gas Stove Problems

We service all features of gas stoves, such as :

Surface burner light not working

Pilot light going out

Weak burner flames

Oven burner not lighting up

Noisy surface burner flames

Gas-like odors

At Appliance Repair PSL, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you do not see your issue listed above, give us a call so we can assist you in determining the services you need! We will let you know if we can service you and provide you with a detailed diagnosis. Appliance repair PSL is at your service!


Oven Repairs

You will know your oven needs repairing when you recognize these symptoms :

Oven not heating up

Oven door not locking

Oven not turning on

Inaccurate oven temperatures

And more!

If you are unsure whether your oven needs repairing, feel free to Call Appliance Care PSL and we can look further into the issue to best assist you!

Call us today for Stove & Oven Repairs!