Washer and Dryer Repairs

Dryer Repair

Your dryer can break down for a number of reasons and can cause severe inconveniences in our lives. Hang drying your clean clothes is time consuming and doesn’t have that same fresh feeling as clothes coming right out of the hot dryer. Fortunately, Appliance Care PSL is here to get your dryer back up and running!

Our professional staff is here to assist you in repairing your broken dryer, so give us a call as soon as you think there may be an issue. We will ensure that your dryer gets repaired quickly and will also help you to avoid any additional, long term damage.



Dryer Problems

Potential problems seen in dryers include :

Dryer not starting

Dryer not spinning

Dryer making noise

Dryer not heating up

Give Appliance Care PSL a call today, so we can support and assist you with your dryer repair!
We will assess the problem and get your dryer heated up and running so your clothes stay fresh and clean!


Washer Repair

Washer and dryers are appliances that we are so conditioned to using, so when one of them breaks, it turns our world upside down. Nobody wants to go back to hand washing each and every piece of their clothing. So thankfully, this is why we have washing machines.

However, inevitably, our washing machines will break and deplete as time goes by.

Washer Problems

Some of the common problems with washing machines can be :

Washer not starting

Washer not draining

Washer not spinning

Washer making noise and shaking

Washer leaking fluid

When your washing machine finally decides to give out, do not worry! Just call Appliance Care PSL and we will send our trained experts to investigate the issue, provide a free estimate, and quickly repair your washing machine!

Call us today for Washer & Dryer Repairs!